I wonder as I wander

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I Wonder as I Wander

As moments turn to minutes; minutes into hours; hours into days; days into months; months into years; years into decades; decades into generations; generations into civilizations; and civilizations into a word known to me as history… I find myself constantly within this very moment, at all times of the day, with no exceptions.  This very moment in which refreshes itself on a continual basis, providing the experience in which I know to be life; occurring naturally without any distortion from the realm of man-made thought.  The very moment in which all of my predecessors once stood within, each one uniquely altering the details of the modern world.  The same moment in which all who follow will confront in the ever unfolding story of humanity.

Each moment seems to pass the same as the last. Some occur with seemingly more importance, while others pass and are quickly forgotten. Regardless of any personal effort in thwarting this environment, each moment ticks in the all-familiar pace in which I have become conditioned and come to know as the concept of time.

There are moments more ingrained in my memory than others, replayed and analyzed to understand the size and scope of the opportunities a ‘previous now’ once offered.  And there are moments in which I distract myself with the routine or the mundane, perhaps unaware of the opportunity that each moment may offer; halted only by my arrival to such a time, space, and understanding.

No matter who we are, where we come from, what we associate ourselves with, nor what we choose to believe; there is nothing which can separate each human being from only having this very present moment to act.  With the past being a compilation of previous moments and the future holding nothing more than a collection of possibilities resulting from our present moment’s self, it seems all to easy to wander within the noise.

Is this a new thought? Most certainly not.

But then I ask myself, why does this obvious conclusion about our shared reality seem so profound to me?

Maybe it is because in previous moments, I have imagined an idealistic world in which we could live within, resulting in a quest to find the collection of sentences and thoughts to unlock the ever-elusive combination to a unified future.  Maybe it is because I have felt trapped within the context of what this one moment can offer, physically limited to the constraints of the human body and consciousness.  Or maybe it is simply an exercise in futility as I seek to appease myself by drawing conclusions from perceptions I am merely borrowing to make sense out of the unknown.

Whichever the case may be, I find a great sense of truth within truly looking at the present, one in which holds all of the solutions and obstacles that will one-day surface. Whether we accept or deny our power to change our own world, and in turn those around us, let us at least be aware that there is always only this moment.  And in this moment we will define the fate of ourselves, our brethren, and our successors.

May you find yourself in the moment.

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