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Introducing Nimbus + FEND by Sensory Cloud

Hello and thanks for your interest in Nimbus + FEND!

We will be accepting pre-orders starting soon at HelloFend, and will notify you when we’re ready.  We expect to start shipping orders by October.

Dramatic Innovation for a COVID-Challenged World

We are a new hygienic solution that’s not a drug, but a simple and convenient cleanser of your airways, a complement to wearing face masks, hand washing and social distancing. FEND is new – like the science that led to its discovery.

Uncomplicated. Affordable. Essential.

Many of you have asked how FEND and Nimbus work together.  It couldn’t be easier. A small bottle of FEND contains enough for hundreds of uses. You just fill Nimbus with FEND, turn it upside down, and a small, personal cloud is instantly created.

You inhale the cloud through your nose. The drug-free ingredients in FEND – salts found in ocean water – will suppress the airborne particles in your airways by up to 99%, for up to 6 hours.

These are the airborne particles you’ve been hearing about, the ones that masks miss.

More On The Way

FEND and Nimbus were developed by Sensory Cloud, which was started by scientists with a mission to advance the frontiers of healthcare and wellbeing through innovation in respiratory biology and olfaction.

Thanks and stay safe,
The Sensory Cloud team